Hayley's Haven
Mobile Massage


Having a therapist coming into your home may seem a bit invasive to some, but with Hayley's Haven I guarantee professionalism, privacy, and peace of mind. In order to create a perfect massage experience there are a few policies I must announce:

-There is absolutely no solicitation allowed! Please do not even joke about "happy endings". I am a professional and expect to be treated as such. Asking for "extra services" is grounds for termination of session without refund and may require a call to local authorities.

-Client's sensitive areas will be covered at all times while Therapist is present.

-Client and Therapist both have the right to end any session at any time for any reason.

-The Therapist is expected to efficiently explain massage procedures to Client before/during/after massage if requested and "check-in" with Client during massage for maximum comfort of Client.

-The point of an in-home massage is to treat, prevent, and relax. If the Client becomes uncomfortable at any time during the massage, whether the pressure is too light or too deep or a certain move just isn't working, it is expected of the Client to communicate this to the Therapist as soon as it occurs so that the Therapist can change the massage to best suit the Client.

-There should be ample space for massage table/chair, stool, and therapist to move around. Three feet in each direction is required.

-If the Client has uncaged pets in the home, please arrange for animals to be in a different room than where the massage is to take place.

-If the Client's home or location is heavily filled with the smell of smoke (of any kind), the Therapist will not be able to perform massage in that area. This is because the Therapist cannot have themselves and their equipment smelling of smoke and traveling to other Clients homes who may have allergies or do not find the odor pleasant, it can be seen as unprofessional.

-During warm or cold weather please have the home at an appropriate temperature so as to make it easier and more enjoyable for the both of us. 

*If you have any questions or comments regarding these rules please contact me. Thank you for your understanding.